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Wilcox is the name of a real cider producer based in Cheddar, Somerset.



Wilcox Cider dates back to 1868.

The Wilcox Cider company still makes its cider using traditional methods and has an exciting portfolio of ciders and is run today by Richard Wilcox and his son Darren.


Varieties include Wilcox farmhouse cider and Wilcox oak-fermented cider, he also makes special varieties which are made for Richard's own enjoyment and generally not available for sale.

Two bottles are also available for today's modern cider drinkers, namely they are "Cheddar Gold" which is conditioned in Oak Casks and is a medium-dry lightly sparkling cider with an abv of 6%. The other is called "Cheddar Ruby" which is a medium sweet Dabinett apple cider, also with an abv of 6% vol.

  • Wilcox Cheddar Beauty 6% medium cider

Contact details

  • Address: Wilcox Cider, The Bays, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3QW.
  • Tel: (01934) 740005.

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