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Westons or H. Weston & Sons Limited are a traditional commercial Cider & Perry Producer, based in Much Marcle, Herefordshire.



Westons have been making cider since 1878, the company sells over 15 types of ciders and perrys, including organic, over-ice, and low alcohol varieties.

Their website says: "Westons Cider and Perry has been made at 'The Bounds' in the Herefordshire Village of Much Marcle for well over a hundred years."

Weston's draught and bottled ciders are widely available throughout the Wetherspoon pub estate, the draught usually dispensed from bag-in-box.

They also make some of the most readily available real cider, sold in Waitrose, Morrisons, Sainsbury's Asda and Tesco supermarkets, as well as the increasingly hard to find Bulmers Traditional Cider for Bulmers.



Principal draught real cider brands

  • Old Rosie Scrumpy Cider (7.3%) - A still, cloudy cider described as Medium/Dry by Westons, very fruity and perhaps more of a Medium though quite variable within each year. The bright bottled sparkling product is inferior to the flaggons, bag in boxes and draught. The name has nothing to do with Laurie Lee, it's after a traction engine owned by Westons.
  • 1st Quality Cider (5.0%) - A still, filtered cider. Clean, fruity, and quite sweet.
  • Marcle Hill Cider (5.0%) - A still, filtered smooth, clean, fruity, sweet cider.
  • Vintage Organic Cider (7.3%) - A still, organic cider which is quite sweet and rich, with a bit of an apple-pie flavour. Unusually for Westons, the origin of the apples is not given!
  • Traditional Scrumpy Cider (6.0%) - Similar in style to Old Rosie, but slightly lower in strength.
  • Extra Strong Scrumpy Cider (7.5%) - As above, but much fuller in flavour - and of course, stronger. Not as sweet as Old Rosie and to many tastes, a better product for it.
  • Bounds Brand Scrumpy Cider (4.8%) - Cloudy and still. Westons only truly dry draught cider, and a good strength for drinking by the pint.
  • Herefordshire Country Perry (4.5%) - A still perry. Light in style and strength, and quite sweet. Can be a bit sugary and lacking in character, but easily the most widely available real perry in the UK.

Industrial Cider Brands

  • Stowford Press (4.5%) - Popular in that it's promoted by certain pub chains such that it's the only cider available there. A medium, clear, fizzy cider with more of an industrial than real quality.
  • Cider Ice (4.5%) - fizzy, industrial cider.


Contact details

  • Address: H. Weston & Sons Limited, The Bounds, Much Marcle, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2NQ.
  • Tel: (01531) 660233.

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