Weston's Old Rosie

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Old Rosie is a real cider made by Westons of Much Marcle in Herefordshire. Old rosie clip.jpg


It is the Weston's flagship cider and is widely available in many pubs across the UK. The name 'Old Rosie' comes from a steam roller, it can be seen on the front of the pump clip and bottle labels.

Westons themselves describe Old Rosie thus: "Award winning Old Rosie Scrumpy is allowed to settle out naturally after fermentation resulting in a truly old fashioned, full flavoured, appley, cloudy scrumpy; with a well balanced medium dry character."

Alcohol 7.3% by volume.

It's always a relief to find a pub such as a Wetherspoon that has Old Rosie available from a bag in box or even on draft, although the draft version is less consistent. There's also an inferior slightly carbonated bottled version.