Weston's Herefordshire Country Perry

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Herefordshire Country Perry is, as the name suggests, is a perry produced by Westons in Much Marcle, Herefordshire.


Weston's Herefordshire Country Perry is a double gold award winning perry which is a still medium dry perry, matured in old oak vats and is free from artificial colouring, flavouring and sweetening and retains its natural pale colour. It's alcohol content is 7.4% Vol.

Westons make more Herefordshire perry than any other producer so probably make more perry than any other producer in the world, they pressed 300 tons of fruit in 2009.

Recently, Weston's seem to have dropped the "Herefordshire" from this product as all pump clips now simply say "Country Perry".


It is available on draught in many pubs across England and is also available in bottles.