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Westons Cider Ice is a brand of industrial cider produced by Westons of Much Marcle in Herefordshire.


Westons launched their answer to the Magners "cider over ice" campaign in 2009 at the expense of £500,000. Their answer was Westons Cider Ice, a keg cider coupled with an innovative technology akin to that used with extra cold lager. However, rather than producing the froth on the top of pint of lager, or even ice, which would water it down, the tall silvery font produces ice made from the cider!

The dispense technology has been designed by specialist manufacturer IMI Cornelius and Westons have signed a three-year agreement with the company so it can provide 24-hour maintenance service for all stockists of the brand.

Despite the hype, the brand is yet to take off in a big way and has been snubbed by real cider drinkers.

Reviews (Add your name too)

  • It is available in my local in Hull and is too cold, and a very poor attempt at cashing in on the "Magners effect" by Westons. We're not all sheep who follow the Magners crowd! Stick to what you do best, real cider for real cider folk. CiderMike 16:10, 11 August 2010 (UTC)

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