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The ukcider community originated as an email mailing list group and has developed over the years since 1999. The community is now dispersed over a number of online and offline platforms and activities, according to specific needs and preferences.


You are very welcome to join us

To discuss Real Cider and Perry by email

The original email group is at and is still the best place to go if you need to talk to somebody about cider and perry related topics and can't find what you need on the knowledge base here.

If you want to post messages or be able to receive the group via email (the best way) then you will need to subscribe. Here's the address to join the ukcider mailing list: More detailed information about the mechanics and running of the mailing list, including FAQ here: Ukcider Group FAQ

On the Wiki itself

  • Cider Events

If you're looking to indulge in some convivial cider drinking with other stalwarts then keep an eye on the Current_events page

  • ukcider Events

One of the features of succesful online communities is a desire to meet up in real life. This is starting to happen through ukcider, either by members arranging to look out for each other at Current_events or else by instigating cider hunting pub crawls, meals and so on through the mailing list. Why not suggest something for your area?

  • Who's who Page

Some people thought it might be a good idea to have a wiki page listing brief details about ukcider members, so here it is. Why not add yourself in? Members List

  • Old Archive

Prior to June 2004 the group existed on yahoogroups and the archived discussions for 1999-2004 are available at

To discuss The Development of The Wiki

Most problems can be sorted out on the Wiki itself using the summary and talk pages, but sometimes it may be easier to thrash things out by email and then put decisions into practice on the wiki. The appropriate place for such discussions is a low volume email list set up for the purpose at

Flickr Photo Sharing Group

  • Photos

There's a growing collection of ukcider related digital photographs on the group of the same name If you upload photos there, they can easily be incorporated into appropriate pages here.

ukcider on FACEBOOK

The ukcider page on Facebook is here: Become a 'fan' of cider to receive updates

ukcider blog

The ukcider blog posts news events and opinions and is translated into 37 different languages

You can get the latest updates in english via RSS feed in your feed reader.