The Euston Cider Tap

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London's first dedicated cider house opened in November 2011, known as the


Euston Cider Tap

Located directly across the road from the beer loving "Euston Tap", The Euston Cider Tap nods towards cider's rural heritage with some casual hay bale seating outside the stone lodge, while inside it’s more bar stool chic, with draught taps against a wooden bar and a wall of blackboard bricks that shout out the menu of 15 or so constantly rotating ciders and perries.

Euston Cider Tap Location

The Euston Cider Tap

The Euston Cider Tap East Lodge; 190 Euston Road; NW1 2EF; 020 3137 8837

Sparkling Cider

Original Sin 'Cidery' 5.5% £2.75/half
Hogan's dry cider 4.5% £3.60/pint
Lilley's Apples and Pears 4.5% £3.60/pint
Aspalls Harry Sparrow 4.6% £3.60/pint
Sandford Organics Shaky Bridge 6% £3.80/pint
Sandford Organics Devon Mist 4.5% £3.60/pint

Still Cider

Orchard Pig Medium 4.2% £3.20/pint
Olivers Sweet Allford cider 6.2% £3.40/pint
Oliver's Rock Perry 7% £3.60/pint
Wilkins Medium 6% £3.40/pint
Upper House Farm Oak Barrel-aged 6.5% £3.40/pint
Tawny Owl Medium Perry 6.8% £3.60/pint
Troggi Seider 7.1% 3.60/pint

Mulled Cider

Orchard Pig Mulled 6.5% £3.60/pint

How to Find the Euston Cider Tap from Euston Station

Euston cider tap.jpg

You have to negotiate your way around or through the Bus Station outside Euston Railway Station towards the main road. You'll probably end up going past the Euston Tap, which is the beer and ale sister establishment, in a similar stone gatehouse building, and then crossing the busy road ta the light to reach the Cider Tap opposite. They don't look much like pubs from the outside, but when open, there are usually some tables and chairs outside, or straw bales.