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It strikes me that this page is in danger of lapsing into conversation mode rather than reference mode and could be improved by a little bit of editing to make a single narrative offering both routes to aquiring a shark. --Andy 11:16, 14 November 2006 (GMT)

Ray I take your point about not wanting to end up dry and dusty, and that's a more important priority than the point I was trying to make. In the case of a possibly dry and dusty online encyclopedia, which is what this particular software has been tailored for, there is a clear distinction between the document itself and the discussion about the document as shown by the separation of article from discussion pages. In our cider wiki the boundaries are perhaps going to be less clear. I'm not talking about conversational writing style, I think that's perfectly appropriate, but about including little comments with author attributions, or questions and replies, weaved in amongst articles. Wikis enable a new form of collaborative writing by which edits should normally aim to improve by changing or expand upon what's already there rather than respond to it. I'm generalising way beyond this particular shark page now, to say that where conversations on discussion pages reach some conclusion or divulge further useful information, then those gems need to be refined and added into the document proper, and then the talk page might be wiped down periodically, in preparation for new issues as they arise. Back to this Shark page, I was hoping that the "this is by Ray and this is by Vicky" parts might be carefully edited to create a single narrative without losing any of the information or colour. If I had some cider here I would have shut up 10 minutes ago...--Andy 20:31, 15 November 2006 (GMT)

I love the look of this scratter, just the sort of thing we need, but can’t seem to find any website referring to it other than this one. I have tried emailing the link a couple of times but have had no response. I can’t seem to find any second hand ones or any other retailer. I hate to seem pessimistic but I’m starting to believe the shark scratter is a mythical beast! Please could someone point me in the right direction?

I also have just spent over an hour trying to find where we might be able to purchase the Shark scratter ...... having used one very similar to this at the week-end. Our orchard project are thinking that it might be sensible to buy one ............ But where from and how much? I presume that there aren't any second hand ones around?