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More please. I like to read recipes to absorb new ideas and then recycle them with whatever I happen to have. I'm just not very good at turning what I do into recipes with quantities and all that. Mussels in perry was good, pork chops with pears, parsnips and sliced potato, whole fish cooked in cider, roast pork gravy of course. Later today I am going to try poaching whole oysters for 2 minutes in cidery stock, then adding the oyster juices back to the stock and reducing it to make a sauce to pour over the oysters, served on a salad. It may be better really to just eat the oysters live and drink the cider, but I don't have the proper knife for opening them! --Andy 10:16, 12 Jun 2005 (BST)

"like the idea of the pork/pears/parsnips/spuds" oh OK, I'll have a go at writing it up - it was adapted from something I saw Jamie Oliver do on TV once. --Andy 15:48, 12 Jun 2005 (BST)

I dispute the gendered nature of this comment! That's very much my approach too :-) LindaH