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How many producers?

I wonder how many producers we have listed here now, and if the list is anywhere near becoming a comprehensive one? --Andy 15:18, 23 September 2006 (BST)

I think the list is probably as comprehensive as any available, which is great, but the details on entries for the Three Counties are pretty scant at the moment. I guess there is a lot more information known about these producers, but it will take a bit of time to get round to fleshing things out. Mark/scrumpyboy


 1	Scotland
 3	Berkshire 
 2	Birmingham, Midlands 
 1	Bristol  
 5	Cambridge 
 1	Cheshire 
12	Cornwall  
 2	Cumbria  
 1	Derbyshire
28   	Devon 
 4	Dorset 
 4	Essex 
19  	Gloucestershire
 5	Hampshire
23   	Herefordshire
 8	Kent 
 2	Leicestershire 
 2	Lincolnshire
 6	Norfolk 
 3	Northamptonshire
 1      Nottinghamshire
 2	Oxfordshire 
 3	Shropshire 
33	Somerset
 7	Suffolk 
10	Sussex 
 1	Warwickshire  
 1	Wiltshire  
13   	Worcestershire
 1 	Yorkshire  
1 	Glamorgan  
2 	Gwent 
1 	Mid Wales 
1 	West Wales 
2 	Channel Isles
1 	Ireland



Outside British Isles?

Are small producers outside the British Isles welcome here?

A The Main Page may need updating but presently has a section "Around The World" which points to the page Worldwide which would be appropriate for North American cider and Perry producers.