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Comment by Niggy on Waddingham, moved from misplaced position overleaf:

"The landlord at this so called cider centre is arrogant miserable,not helpful at all ,he barred my daughter & friends for sitting on one of his outside benches 5 minutes before opening time ,his wife said they were trespassing on private property,he has a lounge area but will only allow diners in there,but he also allows diners in the tap room therefore there is no room to enjoy a good drink inside,in my opinion he does not want people to enjoy themselves,but just to eat his mediocre meals and get them out as soon as he can,he speaks and looks at adults as though they are children.We have been going to a very good campsite across the road for a few years but this landlord(who is not child friendly) has made me look elswhere for a good weekend."

Andy, you appear to have gone all American on us. Isn't draft that thing which whistles under doors? Mark

"I agree with Niggy's comments. The landlord of this pub is rude, arrogant, totally unfriendly towards children (and their parents), and he brags about how many people he has BARRED!! I was standing at the bar waiting to get served when a young boy of about 6 years came in with his parents. He was holding a bag of crisps and the landlord (so called) glared at him and said to him "if you eat those crisps on my premises, you are BARRED!! This was a 6 year old child he frightened. I went to sit outside and the family followed and sat at the next bench to us. After 5 minutes, the landlady came outside and emptied the bin next to this little boy and his parents. I bet you the landlord was looking for evidence of the eaten bag of crisps so he could get great delight in BARRING the boy and his parents. The owners of this public house need to go on a course in 'Friendliness and Politeness', they are spoiling an otherwise great cider house."

"Great caution must be exercised when using this establishment. Although the cider is excellent, the hospitality is non-existant EXCEPT when the "landlord" is absent. Fortunately this is becoming more frequent. Do not be tempted to arrive by boat. Indeed, do not be tempted to arrive at all!" Cathy

"After reading Cathy's comments I have to agree that the landlord does lack customer care skills and his absence has been noted. One must ask the question, "Is he dining elsewhere, where homemade food is homemade" and the atmosphere is friendly. PS. I strongly reccomend the homemade frozen chips cooked the Gordon Ramsey style." RUPERT.

Update 03/05/08; visit on Saturday afternoon: "The (limited) real ciders were well kept (no perry), but... As noted by others, there are lots of "Do not..."; "No..."; etc. signs around the pub - fair enough. Be warned: there is NO picnic area - signs forbid any food consumed that is not purchased on the premises - again, fair enough. However, there are picnic areas close by off the premises. The apple orchards are all fenced-off and private; outdoor seating is on top of the river bank. A "Cider House and Museum" is currently under construction, although signs and information lead you to think it is complete and open. Atmosphere inside is strange - we didn't feel comfortable or welcome. Clientele was very varied - but many (younger) folk were obviously on a mission to get wrecked, being from the campsite across the road; purely a subjective comment, but we didn't feel safe or comfortable: the language was foul, loud and un-challenged. Toilets were filthy, smelly, no soap and covered in graffiti.
I think the title "Brandy Wharf Cider Centre" leads folks to expect more than there is..." Ray.

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