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Was the Thimble meant to be delisted?


  • The Thimble Inn at Piddlehinton has Thatcher's Draught. map

Kings Arms, Weymouth

why was my deletion of the Kings Arms reverted? It clearly does not sell real cider now, and keeping it in the listing is a misrepresentation, even if there is a footnote saying no cider there now The fact of keeping it in the list is going to cause confusion. In my view it should be removed from the list completely (Note it was me who listed it in the first place, so I think it reasonable that I should be able to delist it if they stop selling the stuff...) If no-one comes up with a decent reason in the next two days I'll revert the reversion and delete it again Jon S

It was reverted so that the information about not selling real cider at present could be added to the listing. It's always better to add new information clarifying the position than to simply take away old, leaving no explanation.

Sorry, but I have to disagree. Most passing users wont bother to read the caveat and will simply see the pub listed and assume it does sell cider. If you remove it from the list then theres no possibility of confusion. If anyone wants to know why the pub is no longer there, then they can check the edit comments. In my view pubs either sell cider or they don't. If they don't then they have no place in the list - JonS