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Mid Devon and North Devon

I'm not familiar enough with the area to know how useful Mid Devon and North Devon are as sections. There seem to be Exeter postcodes in both. Would it be possible to sort it out by Towns or districts eventually? --Andy 15:08, 30 December 2005 (GMT)

Is this map any use?

167111785_d0ac50a162_o.png from flickr

The three entries for West Devon are welcome, but what cider(s) do they sell? Mark

Hello All I have been making most of the entries for Devon recently. I have used 'Mid Devon' and 'North Devon' because those are the local authority areas. I can certainly work to other rules if required. (Exeter postal district reaches all the way to Hartland so I do NOT suggest using postcodes, unless at a lower level e.g. EX18 etc). Also I realise that the entries for Winkleigh village should be in Torridge District, not West Devon - 4 local authority areas all meet within a couple of miles of Winkleigh! I though I put the 'Railway' down as 'Thatchers cider' but this was removed - so I stopped being bothered about which cider I put down. On a general point all Winkleigh ciders sold in pubs is filtered as far as I know but I've been listed them because I've seen Winkleigh mentioned elsewhere. Dave Dann

Hi Dave, your contributins to the Devon page are very welcome, thanks. I think LA boundaries are probably ideal, especially if they are referred to locally. I checked the history and the removal of Thatchers from the Railway was a mistake - mea culpa - it got deleted when the full address was added somehow. I've put it back now. Feel free to revert, re-structure and add incomplete info. The Devon page is becoming an invaluable resource for cider loving itinerants, I hope you'll enjoy exploring the county's pubs and helping us to find them. Cheers --Andy 09:40, 19 January 2006 (GMT)
Thanks for that Andy. I'm not that keen on LA boundaries myself - they are arbitrary in these parts, but they have the advantage of being objective. It would be nice to try to group places by the nearest market town ,as in your map, but may just lead to arguments. People don't really refer to 'Mid Devon' locally , but how would you classify Crediton? The BIG difference is between 'North Devon' and 'South Devon' and the dividing line is the A30. Generally the pubs don't represent Devon cider very well, the best stuff is in peoples' barns, in my opinion. I will get around to as many locally as I can, time money and liver permitting. I wish someone else would go to Tedburn St Marys - where 'Greys' is and find out if it is in the pubs.

-- 20:30, 19 January 2006 (GMT)

Orchard Groups

There are quite a few cider enthusiasts hereabouts but we tend to lie low a bit. (Also we have just started picking apples and doing a little pressing.) The advice being given by others on this message board is sound but don't forget that we have two groups in Devon supporting real cider; if you are N of the A30 and if South.