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Saxon Cider is an industrial cider producer based in Yorkshire.



Saxon Cider has made a name for itself producing distinctive ciders from apple concentrate.

The cider is also often to be found at festivals, including the Dartford Beer Festival in 2003 and others run by CAMRA. Whenever you come across it at such places, it should be pointed out to the organisers that it is infact not a real cider. It would seem that the main reason for festivals stocking Saxon is a mixture of ignorance and it's cheap price in comparison to more favourable cider.


  • Saxon Amarena Cherry Perry
  • Saxon Autumn Breeze
  • Saxon Diamond Lil
  • Saxon Gold Digger
  • Saxon Greensleeves
  • Saxon Harvest Perry Saxon Manor Perry
  • Saxon Midnight Hour
  • Saxon Purple Haze
  • Saxon Rockin Robin
  • Saxon Route 66
  • Saxon Ruby Tuesday
  • Saxon Seventh Heaven
  • Saxon Strawberry Fields
  • Saxon Waterloo Sunset
  • Saxon White Satin
  • Saxon Yellow Submarine


Two Pubs serving Saxons cider have been added to the Cider Pub Guide.

A comment has been made that Saxon cider is made from concentrate not fresh juice.

I don't think we should be including pubs serving Saxon cider, unless of course they also sell another cider made from apple juice. Shouldn't we remove the offending entries?

Otherwise we might as well have pubs selling Strongbow and Blackthorn in the list :(

If it's in the same category as those two then I agree. I've found one pub website which claims it's 'real'
"We sell two Saxon Ciders at any time.......All the ciders are REAL they are served straight from the barrel from our famous upstairs cellar." from Devonshire cat
There are a few pubs in London selling only Sam Smith's cider which I haven't added for much the same reason.--Andy 17:37, 9 November 2005 (GMT)
These pubs clearly have NO IDEA of what a REAL cider is. I agree with both of the above that these pubs and any like it should be taken off uk cider, otherwise there is no point in this valuable tool. CiderMike 16:00, 9 June 2010 (UTC)

Contact details

  • Address: Saxon Cider, La Cantina, Unit 4B, Saxonmill, 218 Bradford Road, Batley Carr, West Yorkshire, WF17 6JF.
  • Tel: (01924) 457979.