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Rough Old Wife is the name of a real cider producer based in Kent.



Rough Old Wife cider is made predominantly from a mixture of Bramley, Worcester and Crispin apples in the traditional hand-made way.

The apples are crushed in a scratter which chops them up into small pieces. The pulp is wrapped in parcels of Hessian mesh cloths and stacked on top of each other to make a cheese. The press is then tightened down to several tons pressure allowing the juice to extract.

It is then strained and put into 56 gallon Scottish oak whisky barrels to ferment and mature. These barrels come from the Bruichladdich Distillery on the coast of Islay and give the cider a distinctive peaty / whisky undertone and colour. The natural yeasts in the apples start the fermentation and after several months the barrels are sealed which allows the cider to develop and mature.

As well as a juicing service, Simon Reed, co-owner of Rough Old Wife, also runs a traditional cider making course, which, due to popular demand, is now being held in several locations in Kent, Suffolk and Nottinghamshire.


Rough Old Wife is available in pubs , farmshops and certain store outlets mostly in the Kent / Sussex region and from their farm cidery or they can ship it out in 5l or 20l bag in box within the UK at cost. Also supply and support several real ale and cider festivals.


As well as the original dry cider, they also make a Blushing Old Wife raspberry cider and a medium dry Tasty Old Wife!

Contact details

  • Address: Rough Old Wife LLP, Cork Farm, Hawkins Rough Orchard, Old Wives Lees, Canterbury, CT4 8BN.
  • Tel: (01227) 700757 or mobile 07768 364353.
  • Email: