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Ross-On-Wye Cider is a cider producer based at Broome Farm in Peterstow, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire.



The 65 acre Broome Farm has been the home of the Johnson family for over 70 years.

In 1974, the first of the commercial orchards contracted to Bulmers was planted. This enterprise has grown in recent years and today is the main farming activity occupying 40 acres of the farm. Throughout this time a traditional farmhouse orchard of cider apple and perry pear trees has been maintained with a small amount of cider and perry made each year for consumption on the farm. Since 1984 when the farmhouse was reopened, the popularity of the cider and perry has resulted in increasing quantities being pressed.

Further orchards have also been planted to supply fruit for the growing production of Broome Farm Cider and Perry. There are now over 70 varieties of cider apples and perry pears growing on the farm enabling the creation of individual blends of award winning cider and perry.

Cider apple varieties include: Alberts Hedgerow, Frederick, Somerset Redstreak, Ashton Bitter, Gloucester Underleaf, Stantway Kernal, Ashton Brown Jersey, Harry Masters Jersey, Stoke Red, Balls Bittersweet, Honiton Early, Strawberry Norman, Broome Apple, Improved Lambrook Pippin, Sweet Alford, Browns Apple, Kingston Black, Sweet Coppin, Broxwood Foxwhelp, Knotted Kernel, Tardive Forestiere, Bulmers Norman, Major, Tom Putt, Chisel Jersey, Michelin, Tremletts Bitter, Corse Hill, Morgan Sweet, Upright Styre, Court Pendu Plat, Northwood, Vagnon Archer, Court Royal, Porters Perfection, Vallis (Black Vallis), Cowarne Red, Red Norman, Vileberie, Dabinett, Red Styre and White Norman. Whilst Culinary and Dessert Apples Grown on the Farm include: Annie Elizabeth, Gravenstein, May Queen, Beauty Of Bath, Howgate Wonder, Newton Wonder, Blenheim Orange, Jonagold, Pitmaston Pine Apple, Bramley, Kings Acre Bountiful, Sturmer Pippin, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Lord Lambourne, Suntan, Egremont Russet, Margil, Worcester Pearmain, Golden Pippin and Marriage Maker.

The farm cellar is open every day for tastings and sales straight from the barrels and there is also a selection of bottled cider and perry available, both single varieties and blends.

Whiskey Distillery? Sherry Bodega? No! Mike Johnson's spirit cask ciders fermenting at Broome Farm

All of their cider and perry is made from 100% pure apple and pear juice, pressed on the farm, mainly from their own fruit. Occasionally some different varieties of apples and pears, from local farms, are used to create a greater range of both single varieties and blends.


This was formerly known as Broome Farm. Only the business name has changed; it's still the same place and proprietor. When we visited, Mike was just planning his blending and bottling - An amazing array of barrels of perry, each one getting attention to decide how it will be best presented (sweet to dry, blended with another, etc.) A good person to talk to, and also knows his stuff.

Worth tasting and taking away a few bottles. Opening hours seem to vary so check for what's current. Pleasant location for orchard walks too, during good weather. "All our products are made from 100% whole juice, fermented with natural yeasts and allowed to mature at the pace nature intended. Our idea is simple, we pack and ship award winning Cider and Perry to your door @ the click of a mouse. It’s easy, just click the menu buttons and away you go!"

Contact details

  • Address: Broome Farm, Peterstow, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 6QG.
  • Tel: (01989) 567232.

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