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UKCider has launched several publicity tools in order to promote UKCider to a wider consuming audience. This is primarily aimed at pubs and outlets who wish to publicise the fact that they sell real cider.

This is a resource for UKCider members to download high quality, printable documents in order to distribute. However, UKCider is quite happy for publicans or others selling real cider to download the images for use in their own premises on the understanding that they actually sell crafted cider with a high apple juice content - as opposed to mass produced glucose syrup (or anything that requires ice to enhance it!)

The resources are:

  • UKCider Pub Sticker
  • UKCider Pub Posters
  • UKCider Web Images

With each section there are instructions for downloading, plus basic guidelines for use.


UKCider Pub Sticker

This can be used as either a straight forward sticker, or as a window sticker. It is recommended that a good quality printer is used - preferably a laser printer, although a deskjet/inkjet capable of printing photo's is sufficient. If funds are available, have the stickers produced by a commercial printer (simply download the design and take it along to the printer). Click the link to view details of a couple of printers who will produce small numbers of high quality stickers. PrintersLink

The reverse images are for those wishing to produce the window stickers on transparent film. The single version is for those wanting a single sticker (saving ink).

Please click on the image to download a press quality pdf of the sticker sheet. Please note these are press quality, so maybe fairly large (for pdf's):

UKCider-UKapples-1up.gif UKCider-UKapples-4up.gif

UKCider-UKapples-reverse-1u.gif UKCider-UKapples-reverse-4u.gif

Please note that by downloading this file you are agreeing to our Fair Use and Restrictions of Use below

Required materials

You will need some specialist printing media to print these out. These are available widely, or may be ordered online. The list below is not exhaustive and the prices may vary.

For standard stickers:

  • Either A4 sticker sheets or 4 x A6 sticker sheets will suffice. If you can get hold of 'silk' quality sticker paper (I haven't found any yet), then the results will look better. Both Avery and DECAdry produce these in varying quantities and costs.

For window stickers (Jez's Deskjet version):

You will need:

  • A4 Transparent Window film or window stickers. These tend to come in packs of 5 and will cost £10+.
    • DECAdry Window Film A4 x 5 costs aprox £9.99. Avery produce equivalent film for a similar price.
    • Avery produce 'speciality' labels with pre-adhered white backing. Please note that the downloadable stickers are not set up for the layout, which I have found to be more expensive in any case.
  • Plain 'label' style white stickers to provide a background for the sticker. See above for information.

Plus a guillotine would be beneficial (a sharp knife and ruler would do but please try to avoid scissors as unless you can cut a really straight line!)

Instructions - standard stickers

This process is fairly straight forward, although set the printer to 'high' or 'best' quality to ensure a good saturation of ink. Once done, trim them to A6 size.

Instructions - Jez's deskjet window stickers

Firstly, I would not recommend this process for any printer that cannot print to 'photo quality'. Many modern deskjet printers can do this. However, if you have access to a laser printer then use that (as its 4 colour process and means of printing produces a far more durable and professional quality)

Secondly, each pack of sticker transparencies contains 6 sheets and costs about £20. Therefore it's important to produce a copy on plain paper first to test your printer out. Make sure that you set the printer to its best quality - if you have a 'transparency' setting, that should do the trick. The other reason to test print is so that you can test the positioning and scaling of the image.

Once you're happy with the result, then you are ready to print on the transparancy.

  1. Make sure you put the paper in 1 sheet at a time, and that you place it in the right way up.
  2. As per the instructions - make sure you leave the stickers for a good ten minutes. Check the print - if you are not entirely happy with the richness of colour you can run them back through again. If you choose to do this, make sure you are accurate with placing the sheet back in the printer.
  3. Now you are ready to use the white sheet. If you have gone for the A4 sheet, simply stick the sheet on to the printed side of the reverse stickers. To get a smooth finish use a ruler to slowly press the sheet on more firmly. If you are using the quarter page stickers, make sure you position the sheet carefully.
  4. Once you've done this its ready to be cut to size.

Final note. These are not as good as either commercially printed stickers or Dick's method of production. Durability will be the biggest problem if they are produced carefully. Make sure you replace them after 12 months or so as the sunlight will have faded them. Also, the cost of having the stickers printed commercially may make this a more expensive option.

Any questions please ask. If there are any better ideas, please post them.

UKCider Pub Posters

These are A4 high quality images that can be printed for display in premises. As before, the best results will be obtained from a laser printer, although modern deskjet printers should cope. Try to use a 'silk' printing paper in order to give a professional finish (this is available for both deskjet and laser printers).

Select the poster you require and click to download the pdf. Please note that these are press quality images, so may be larger than a standard pdf file.

Apple-in-a-Glass-Poster.gif UK-Apples-Poster.gif Were-in-the-Wiki-Poster.gif

Please note that by downloading this image you are agreeing to our Fair Use and Restrictions of Use below

UKCider Web Images

With a growing number of pubs and shops having a web presence, providing a resource to use online complements the printed publicity. It should be only be used with a link to the UKCider website, and at the size originally downloaded. It MUST NOT be altered or edited without permission from the UKCider webmaster.

There are two designs - the UKCider logo, and the UKCider Pub Sticker design. These are available in two sizes. To download, right click on the image you want and save the image.

UKApples-Webimage.png UKCider%20logo-Webimage.png

Please note that by downloading this image you are agreeing to our Fair Use and Restrictions of Use below

Fair Use and Restrictions of Use

Unfortunate but increasingly necessary.

The UKCider publicity images are made available free of charge and to anyone that can use them for the purposes which they were intended which is detailed on this page. They were designed and posted in good faith solely for the community of UKCider, publicans and cider outlets (i.e. shops and places that sell cider) to use as a resource. If you wish to use them for any other purposes or for profit outside of their intended use, you must obtain written permission from UKCider before using them.

These designs, and the associated copyrights, are the property of UKCider as granted by the author.