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Real Cider is simply a delicious and natural alcoholic drink made traditionally from cider apples. The ukcider group has held frequent discussions as to how best to define what constitutes Real Cider, and the last definition adopted is the following:

"Real cider is the product of fermenting fresh apple juice. The amount of apple juice which went into the final product must be between 85 and 100% and should be clearly stated on the container it is sold in or dispensed from. No artificial sweetners, flavourings or colourings are permitted. (For real perry substitute pear juice.)"

Another way of putting it might follow the slogan which appears on some of the best bottles:

"The juice, the whole juice, and nothing but the juice"

Not real cider

Ciders NOT' recognised as being real include: Diamond White, Magners, Saxon, Aspall, Kingstone Press, Bulmers, Scrumpy Jack, St Helier, Addlestones, Stowford Press, Jacques, Dry Blackthorn, Frosty Jacks, Gaymer's, K Cider, Stella Cidre, Merrydown, Samuel Smith's, Kopparberg, Strongbow, Brothers, Thatchers Gold, Red C, Natch and Woodpecker.

These cider imposters have had most of the alcohol derived from fermenting corn starch syrup which is then diluted with water. Malic acid is then added in order to get a bit of taste back into it. To clarify this, the ingriedients on Strongbow are thus: Fermented apple juice & glucose syrup, water, sugar, carbon dioxide, acid: E270, E330, antioxidant: E224 (sulphites).