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May, 2005


May Festival in Dorset

Just a final reminder if any of you would like a trip to Dorset tomorrow:

The Festival events begin at 3.30 pm in the orchard. Come to Winterborne Houghton, a small village 6 miles west of Blandford. The road through the village becomes a no-through road. Keep going until you see the phone box on the right and look for the parking in the field in front of the church. I live 200yds further on at Michaelmas Cottage. It is on the right and currently being rethatched. ( grid ref ST8185 0445 ). The orchard is 300yds back behind the house, accessible via a footpath. I will put up signs to assist. All cider is free, we just charge £3 per person to cover the BBQ food.

I've been busy putting my single varieties in Weston's flagons for the Tasting and have a tip to pass on about removing the labels. (The subject came up here recently). There is a one shot throwaway scourer available called 'Spontex' and it is marvellous for getting every bit of Weston's sticky gunk off the glass. It is much nicer to use than wire wool and a lot more effective.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow.



Michael, it was good to meet you and Jacqueline along with fellow ukcider members, John Cutler and Tim Owlett with his lovely family. Thank you all for coming, in spite of the unpromising weather and for bringing your cider to add to the bar. Weren't we lucky that it brightened up so well by the afternoon? The BBQ was washed down with more than 100 pints of cider so I think we had a successful event! Fortunately for me there is a bottle of your excellent cider left over, which I am enjoying as I type. It has a nice clean appley flavour. It is obviously made with great care and is most enjoyable. My bottle 'under the table' was Porter's Perfection. I reserved this for special guests because I remember how quickly the Kingston Black disappeared last year. This year I had more KB so it did not need to be cunningly hidden.


Cutting back the tip

Q How to rescue a young tree with a frost-damaged tip.

I've sometimes lost the tip of a new whip for one reason or another. I have found that by cutting back to just above the uppermost healthy leaf axil, it is possible to grow a new leader. After a while you can scarcely notice that there has been a problem. Just wait and see how much, if any, is really dead. It sounds as though it may yet recover. If not then cut it off cleanly where the wood is still alive.