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8289401_8cd6453906_s.jpg This page is part of The Cidermaking Year by Rose Grant

January, 2005


Gregg's Pit perry

I bought some bottles of Gregg's Pit perry when I was at Much Marcle for Big Apple weekend and decided to save it for Christmas. This has been a real treat that I think is worthy of mention, because I am not usually that fond of perry. It was a smooth clear and golden nectar that had really retained the flavour of the pears it was made from. These were Aylton Red and Blakeney. The still version was delicious and the sparkling was perfect for seeing in the New Year. (And none of the hangover that comes with sparkling wine).

Well done James Marsden. Now I know why you win awards at Putley!

Mark's Vigo press

I have had one of these presses for about 12 years and it has always suffered from the opposite problem. Under full pressure the pomace tends to ooze upwards between the edge of the piston and the inside of the basket. The problem is easily solved by using a cloth within the basket to contain the pomace. However it looks as though the manufacturers of the press realised that there was too much clearance and increased the piston diameter and in doing so, have made it too tight.

This subject is no big deal but having just changed ISP, I wanted to say something to see if I am still able to post on ukcider. The group seems to be unnaturally quiet lately. Perhaps it is the season to be snoozing (after much cider drinking).Either that, or everybody is too busy messing about with medlars!