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8289401_8cd6453906_s.jpg This page is part of The Cidermaking Year by Rose Grant

August, 2004



Welcome to Hagar and all our cider friends in Oz and NZ. it is great to be able to compare notes and share our experiences with you. I've had the great pleasure of visiting both of your countries since I retired and found a friendly welcome wherever I went. I loved both countries and hope I will be able to go back again one day. Of course I was always on the lookout for orchards and remember seeing a lot of apples and plums in parts of New Zealand but not in Australia. Vineyards however, seemed to be everywhere! Is there a recognised apple growing area in Oz? I imagine that parts of NSW and Tasmania would have a good climate for it. The great heat and lack of rain must make it difficult to grow apples in other areas, as well as the native birds such as parakeets. I have Western Rosellas in my conservatory and have discovered that their favourite food is apple. I feel sure that if they were wild they could devastate an orchard. It will be interesting to hear of your joys as well as tribulations, with regard to cider making. Which varieties of apples grow well, etc. Looking forward to your postings,


Must make haste to Waitrose, if they have Weston's Organic at such a good price. Mark is right, I love it! In fact I regard it as a benchmark cider. I've only made cider anything like as good as this from 100% Kingston Black. (Perhaps they use them as well). I have a very good crop of KB this year, so I shall see if I can achieve that remarkable flavour. Kevin mentions Lyne Down Cider. I did the Big Apple Cider cycle route in May and can report that Lyne down are still making their own, though the house and business has changed ownership. I bought a bottle of their cider, but was aghast at the price of £4. It was nice but no more than average, in my opinion.