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8289401_8cd6453906_s.jpg This page is part of The Cidermaking Year by Rose Grant

April, 2004



I usually find single varieties so tasty that they are gone before I get round to the blended. I am looking forward to my trip to Herefordshire next weekend to see the blossom and sample a few ciders, here and there. I will have to be careful not to sample too greatly, as I intend to take my bike and cycle the Orchard Route. Cycling can get very wobbly! Hope the weather stays fabulous, like now. The blossom will be a wonderful sight.


Grafting success

We had an interesting exchange on this site early this year, about methods of grafting and the best time to do it. I had previously only achieved about 50% success by grafting in April and May. Someone suggested that February and March are better. I am pleased to report that this is very good advice. I grafted in late February this year using the whip and tongue technique with plastic grafting tape. Every one is a winner! I had also tried to add Crimson Bramley to my standard Bramley by rind grafting in previous years , without success. This year I put the variety on the ends of small diameter young wood using Whip and Tongue. This has also worked 100%. I wonder if the fact that the scion wood was fresh from the donor trees, instead of being stored for later use, has any thing to do with it. Whatever the reason[s] I am delighted.


Contacting M P

I have petitioned my MP on his own website. This has been acknowledged by the House of Commons website, but it looks computer generated. If I do not hear anything from the man himself in the next few days I will try an old fashioned letter to his home address. I have also been in touch with Common Ground. This business is the very antithesis of all that they have been trying so hard to achieve since they instituted Apple Day about 14 years ago. they are predictably annoyed and are conducting their own campaign.