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8289401_8cd6453906_s.jpg This page is part of The Cidermaking Year by Rose Grant

November, 2003


I was interested to read the American letters on Andrew Lea's excellent website, concerning the use of waste disposal units for milling cider apples. It seems like a good idea and I wondered if anybody over here had tried it. I expect this has been covered on ukcider before, but as I am new to the Club, I would welcome advice from anyone who has experience of this way of milling. My main worry is that the pulp would be something akin to apple sauce and as a result, would ooze out through the slats of my barrel press, instead of staying put. However if it works, I would consider buying one . Perhaps someone could recommend a particular unit.


My press is one of Vigo's original Hungarian barrel presses. It makes 1.5 to 2 gallons at each pressing, so I do not need a really high throughput mill. Maybe I will find something a bit bigger than the usual domestic waste unit which will be OK