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31 producers so far...


Abbey Dore

  • Gwatkin Cider, Denis Gwatkin , Moorhampton Park Farm, Abbey Dore, Herefordshire, HR2 0AL. Tel: (01981) 550258.

Produces traditional award winning farmhouse cider and perry draught and bottled, made in oak vats. Good variety of ciders and perries. His rep is "variable" either very good or off, but everything we tried was good. Website can be found here.

Bishops Frome

  • Snail's Bank Cider Co, Mayfield Cottage, Bishops Frome, Worcester

Makers of "Tumbledown". Very little information about this maker on the web.

  • Henney's Cider Co., Willow Cottage, Filly Brook, Bishops Frome, Herefordshire, WR6 5BY. Email:

Not open for visitors. Makers of "Frome Valley Dry", "Frome Valley Medium", "Frome Valley Apple Sweet", "Apple Blossom Cider" and a "Vintage Still Cider".


  • Butford Organics, Butford Farm, Bowley Lane, Bodenham, Herefordshire, HR1 3LG. Tel: (01568) 797195.

An organic smallholding owned by Janet and Martin Harris and situated just north of the village of Bodenham. Quality cider and perry is produced by drawing on the accumulated traditions and skills of cider makers from both home and abroad. Martin has studied cider making techniques in Herefordshire and Normandy and this year they have produced their first Normandy style cider - a successful combination of English and French ciders.


  • Heavy Horses Ltd, Hill Farm, Stanley Hill, Bosbury, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1HE. Tel: (01531) 640236.

As the name suggests, working heavy horses is Doug Joiner's main concern, but he also makes a traditional cider from the fruit of his own orchard. Following success at the Bosbury Cider Festival, the cider is now available at the Bosbury Farmers Market (generally the 3rd Sat of the month).

  • Sarah's Cider, Temple Court, Bosbury, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1NW. Tel: 07813 796053.

Bulmers fruit grower now making her own cider, with the help of Simon Abbiss from the looks of the website.


  • Checkley Brook Cyder, Checkley Brook, Checkley, Herefordshire, HR1 4ND. Tel: 07886720505. Email:

Checkley Brook Cyder produce fine quality traditional Herefordshire cyder. Draught cyder supplied to pubs and beer/cider festivals and bottled cyder to be offered via the online shop. Please note: They also have an address in Cambridge.


  • Pips Cider Ltd., Mill Cottage, Dorstone, Golden Valley, Herefordshire, HR3 6BN. Tel: (01981) 550484. Email:

Establised in 2010 this is a new Herefordshire company. They are working hard to establish their place in the cider world. Their cider is 100% apple juice and made from a unique blend of seven varieties of apples (Reine des hatives, Nehou, Bulmers Norman, Brakewells seedling, Michelin, Reine des pommes, and Dabinet) from a mature orchard. Pips cider is fermented and matured on site. They are trying to establish a quality brand which will be enjoyed by customers all over the country. You can follow their developments on their website Twitter or Facebook.


  • Old Grove Cider & Wines, Old Grove Farm, Lower Eggleton, Nr. Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2UL. Tel: (01531) 670019.

Family run Herefordshire premium cider producer. Their ciders are crafted from 100% juice freshly pressed from fruit grown on their own orchards near Ledbury. Old Grove specialise in single varietal ciders made from well-known to rare dessert apples and pears each named after the respective fruit used. Examples include Bramley, Cox, Red Falstaff, Russet and Temptation. See the website for more information, farm shop details and other stockists. Website can be found here.


  • The Amazing Cider Company, Hall Court, Kynaston, Nr. Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2PD. Tel: (01531) 660605, (01531) 660631 or 0844 874 7436 for orders. Email:

William and Frances May produce traditionally made English cider using 100% pure apple juice from established apple varieties at Hall Court, Kynaston, Herefordshire. The apple juice is fermented slowly in tanks in the time-honoured fashion.


  • Ashgrove Orchards, Ashgrove Farm, Marden, Herefordshire, HR1 3EY. Tel: (01568) 797867.

Producers of mostly bottled ciders, Orchard Bull and a Cider with Honey, Orchard Bee. Orchard Ram will be available bottled and draught in 2006. Ashgrove Farm is 65 acres of typical Herefordshire countryside: mainly permanent pasture with two orchards in which grow at least eight identified English cider apple varieties on venerable 70 year old standard trees. The Hereford cattle and Ryeland sheep which graze under the trees are native Herefordshire breeds kept in a very traditional farming system. No sprays or chemical fertilisers are used. Rod and Rosie Hawnt produce all the farm's cider from their own apples.


  • Dunkertons, Cider Mill, Pembridge, Nr Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 9ED. Tel: (01544) 388653. Email:

Excellent, award winning cider and perry which are made without chemical sprays, colourings or flavourings. Visits to the cider mill by appointment. The excellent restaurant has now sadly closed.

Little Hereford

  • Robinson's Cider, Woodhampton House, Little Hereford, nr Tenbury Wells, Herefordshire, SY8 4LR. Tel: (01584) 819646. Email:

Robert Robinson has recently revivied the family cidermaking tradition, and is producing a bottled 'Fine Dry Cider' on an original 70 year old press. For details of stockists see their website here.


  • Old Kennels Farmhouse Cider (Ledbury Cider), Bromyard Road, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1LG. Tel: (01531) 635024.

Main business is holiday cottages at Old Kennels Farm, but cider, perry and apple juice are also produced for sale. Website :


  • George, John George, Hay Traps, Leddington, Ledbury, Herefordshire, GL18 2DZ. Tel: (01531) 890222.

Postcode may be incorrect?

Please be advised, that this producer is not in Herefordshire, it is half a mile into Gloucestershire. It caught me out earlier this month!!!!!!!!!!!

Much Marcle

  • Gregg's Pit, Much Marcle, Herefordshire, HR8 2NL. Tel: (01531) 660687.

Small scale producer of craft perry and cider.

  • H. Weston & Sons, The Bounds, Much Marcle, Ledbury, HR8 2NQ. Tel: (01531) 660233.

3rd largest producer in the UK. Award winning cider and perry, some organic. Widely available, you can buy direct, go on a cider mill tour and eat at the Scrumpy House Restaurant. Website can be found [ here].

  • Lyne Down, Carol and Steve Westlake, Lyne Down Farm, Much Marcle, Herefordshire, HR8 2NT. Tel: (01531) 660543 or 07756 108501.

Produce traditionally made Cider from traditional cider apple varieties, with no additives - just apple juice and yeast from the air. They have several single apple variety bottled ciders along with a blend - Roaring Meg. They do delicious varieties aged in oak whisky barrels and rum barrels. They also sell Perries, Cider Vinegar and various other cider products. They are willing to ship cases of Cider to all over the UK. Just contact them via e-mail, available through website.

Much Dewchurch

  • Dewchurch Cider, Robin Haig, Hill Farm, Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire, HR2 8DG. Tel: (01981) 540247.


  • Munsley Cider, J & G Stewart, Lower Court, Munsley, Herefordshire, HR8 2SQ. Tel: (01531) 670570.

Hops and Asparagus seem to be the main business, but cider is made too.


Paul Stephens and his father have been making English cider and perry on their farm at Newton Court, Herefordshire for several years and have regularly featured in magazines and tv programmes about crafting these traditional drinks in England. As well as being agricultural engineers, they farm 155 organic acres of grassland and orchards with Hereford cross suckler cattle and Speckle-faced sheep. They produce 6,000 gallons of Herefordshire cider and 3,000 gallons of perry annually. The perry pears come from many different sources but half of them come from a small orchard owned by a neighbour.

Ocle Pychard

  • Oliver’s Cider & Perry, Tom Oliver, Ocle Pychard, Herefordshire. Tel/Fax: (01432) 820569 or 07768 732026. Email:

The tasting room is actually right near the A417-A465 roundabout at Burley Gate. Tom is one of the best perry makers and interesting to talk to...he has a feeling for each of the pear varieties he works with and how to manage it...this is the sort of "magic" that perry requires but cider doesn't. I think his production is about 2/3, maybe more, perry, the rest cider.) He has a selection of perry, dry to sweet and with various "varietals". I suggest you try at least one dry--get the sugar out of the way and it's easier to start understanding what perry is about. Info I have says that the tasting room is only open Saturdays 10am-4pm, you would need to check ahead to see when it might be open other times. Tom has been building a new cider/perry operation in the former renovated hop kilns, and from what we saw, it is very well done. A source of ideas for anyone thinking about going small-scale commercial. His bottle conditioned cider and perry is excellent as well. Website can be found here. Available online at Mail Order Cider -


  • Ross-on-Wye Cider, formerly Broome Farm Cider, Mike Johnson, Broome Farm, Peterstow, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 6QG. Tel: (01989) 567232.

14488017_785f1c8b34_m.jpg Whiskey Distillery? Sherry Bodega? No! Mike Johnson's spirit cask ciders fermenting at Broome Farm This was formerly known as Broome Farm, only the business name has changed; it's still the same place and proprietor. When we visited, Mike was just planning his blending and bottling - An amazing array of barrels of perry, each one getting attention to decide how it will be best presented (sweet to dry, blended with another, etc.) A good person to talk to, and also knows his stuff. Cider and Perry. Visitors welcome - check for current times. Also orchard walks, guest house, and wonderful cream teas. Worth tasting and taking away a few bottles. Opening hours seem to vary so check for what's current. Pleasant location for orchard walks too, during good weather. RossCider Website

Home Deliveries available through this website: Online Sales. Did you see them on CNN? Check it out here.


  • Once Upon A Tree, Putley, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2QN. Tel: (01531) 670263.

Started in 2007, making Cider, Perry and Apple Juice all fermented, matured and bottled at the 22 acre Dragon Orchard in Putley. Made by professional winemaker Simon Day, the ciders are more "wine style" than traditional "Farmhouse", created more as an alternative to wine, and particularly suit accompanying food. The range has been well received and has had considerable success in competition (including holding the current "Overall Champion" at 2009 International Cider & Perry Competition for single variety Kingston Black). Open from Easter to Christmas Wednesday to Sunday 10am - 3pm. See the website for details, stockists or mail order. Website can be found here.

  • Pealing, David Pealing, The Lodge, The Twerne, Putley, Herefordshire, HR8 2RD. Tel: (01531) 670943.


  • Shortwood, David and Janet Legge, Shortwood Farm, Pencombe, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4RP. Tel: (01885) 400205.


  • Chandos, Richard White, Chandos Farm, Rushall, Herefordshire, HR8 2PA.

St. Owens Cross

  • Gillow, St. Owens Cross, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR2 8LE. Tel: (01989) 730312.

Mentioned at Wyenot website)

Sutton St. Nicholas

  • Rathays Cider, Rathays, Sutton St. Nicholas, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR1 3AY. Tel: (01432) 880936. Email:

Rathays Cider has been made since 1998 on a five acre holding by Jenny and Graham Blackmore (who are retired research scientists) from a 2 acre orchard of nine English cider apple varieties but which has one perry pear tree (variety Moorcroft). The apple varieties are Ball's Seedling, Brown's Apple, Brown Thorn, Bulmers Norman, Michelin, Tremletts Bitter, Vilberie and Yarlington Mill. Most were planted in the 1960s, one or two (including the Moorcroft) are older and some are replacements making a total of 80 trees which produce about 15 tons of fruit every year. Most of the crop goes to a large commercial producer but a small volume is made into only 3,000 litres of Rathays award-winning Herefordshire cider. This drink is produced from a blend of the apples, some are biennial croppers so the quantity of each variety made is different every year. Their cider it is made without additives, the trees are unsprayed and no artificial fertiliser is used and so it is produced to organic standards. The cider is named for the first of Jenny's Angora goats, her herd grazes beneath the trees in the Spring and after apple-picking.


  • Brook Farm, Peter Keam, Brook Farm Cider, Wigmore, Herefordshire. Tel: (01568) 770562.
  • Pear Tree Farm, Wigmore, Herefordshire, HR6 9UR. Tel: (01568) 770 140.

Cider and perry are made at this B&B on Simon Abbiss's mobile press, but is generally only available for purchase by guests at the B&B. Some nice pics on their website here.


  • Upper House Cider, Upper House Farm, Wormelow, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR2 8EL.

A new producer started in 2006. Oak conditioned ciders including an Isle of Islay Cask Finish.

Other Cider Related attractions in Herefordshire

  • Orchard, Hive and Vine, The Buttercross, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 8BN. Tel: (01568) 611232. specialises in local ciders, perry, apple juice, mead, local wines and beers, but now mail order only - see website
  • Cider cycling route plus much more here.

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