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Naish's is the name given to real cider produced by Frank Naish in West Pennard near Glastonbury in Somerset.


Naish's Cider has been made at Piltown Farm near the Glastonbury for 200 years. Brothers Harold and Frank Naish took over the family business when their father William died in 1965, but had been working on the farm producing organic cider since they left school in the 1930s.

Harold was a dedicated cider maker who worked seven days a week, never took a holiday and worked almost until his death; still shovelling the apples into the crusher in 2005 at the age of 84!

Younger brother Frank (81 at the time) continues cider-making on a small scale, this gives him 80 years of experience and makes him the oldest cider maker in the country! He now works with his friend and farm worker Paul Chant.

Frank and Paul blends apples to produce true traditional Dry Cider, original 120 gal. pipe barrels are used which have been in use for over 80 years. This is the last traditional wholesale cider farm left in England and Frank is now the oldest known cider maker in the world.

Frank Naish, has recently imported a new cider press and mill from the USA, the press is an SX200 Squezebox, this is the first one in Somerset, of a new revolutionary advanced design, with its principles based on the original rack and cloth method, unlike the now outdated European belt press, the Squeezebox produces a better quality cider, less sediment with higher liquid substraction rate, approximately 180 Gallons from 1 ton of apples.

They are now advising a cider maker in Wales, they are going to install an American built Squeezebox too, the Squeezebox is going to be the next genaration of cider presses, restoring long awaited, true traditional quality.

Frank and Paul were seen on the television programme "Oz & James Drink To Britain" on BBC2 in Febuary 2009. James May was known for being a notorious cider sceptic... fellow enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Frank succeeded in converting him!


Naish's Cider is produced chemical free, it has 5 plus unrecorded species of apple trees, with their own unique apple,"Naish's Own" with an extreamly high sugar content and unique bouquet.

For trade sales it is advisable to phone Paul Chant (Chant Cider) 07940853099 a couple of days in advance, as Frank may not hear the phone. Naish's do not supply containers so you must bring your own.

Chant Cider also goes by the name of Badgers Spit (Dry) and Singing Cider (Medium)``` also ```Lady "J" ```a Natrual still Dry Perry which was endorsed by Oz Clark when visiting the farm with James May, this Perry is rather unique takeing 3 years to mature and derives from the pear `` Belle De Jersey `` , belived to be the last surviving tree of its species! ```Please Note ``` Chant Cider is a completely different business from Naishs, I supply Stay Fresh 20 and 5 Litre Bag-in-Boxes and bottled Perry as well as a bring your own container for the (Dry) ciders. Farm Shop Open from 10.30am to 6.00 pm Saturdays only, but you are more than welcome to visit week days, best phone first?

Contact details

  • Address: Piltown Farm, West Pennard, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8NQ.
  • Tel: (01749) 890260.

Or alternately contact Chant Cider 07940853099