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older discussions

Andy How big should the main page grow? Does it need a few small graphics.

Navigation Menu

Which links should be put on here? The current defaults include Current events and Community Portal, which aren't necessarily relevant. Randompage is also a bit of a gimmick.

Which links would make more sense? Here's some ideas: how about introduction (about the project), listings (a portal to Cider Pub Guide, Regional Producers, etc), information (a portal to info about Real Cider, making cider, drinking cider, etc?

--Frankie Roberto 15:20, 8 Feb 2005 (GMT)

User:Andy Roberts Some good ideas there, but first I would have to find out how to change the Navigation Menu.

You have to edit the XHTML template, which I think is in the templates folder. You'll find weird markup, but you can use HTML...

I managed to add some links to the quickbar, but can't change the existing ones at present. Andy

This is all very technical...

are there directions to other parts of the site or is this not yet developed ?

Wiki Spam

Front page is getting heavily spammed. Is this an indication of the site having a higher profile? The default install of MediaWiki now adds a rel="nofollow" to all external links in attempt to combat the wider problem of SPAM, however this is controversial, see here and here