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Kopparberg is an industrial cider producer based in the town of Kopparberg, Bergslagen, Sweden.

Kopparberg was introduced to the UK in 2003 and became nationally available in 2006. Originally launched in Apple and Pear cider variations, Non-Alcoholic Pear Cider and Cider with Mixed Fruit were added in late 2007, followed by Elderflower & Lime in 2009 and Strawberry & Lime in 2010.

Despite not being a "real" product, it has grown in popularity and is now stocked by most major UK supermarkets, independent bars and pub chain groups. Kopparberg Pear Cider is now the UK bar trade's number 1 selling pear cider brand, despite the high spending competition from Bulmers, Magners and Gaymers. It is credited by being the first brand to introduce / reintroduce pear cider as opposed to perry to the UK.