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Recent Changes

The way to keep an eye on what's happening on the ukcider wiki is the special page called 'Recent Changes' - there's a link to that in the navigation menu at the side.


it shows information like this :

  1. (diff) (hist) . . Cider Pub Guide; 23:12 . . (Talk)

(Herefordshire & Worcs)

  1. (diff) (hist) . . Cider Pub Guide; 22:46 . . (Talk) (Notts)
  2. (diff) (hist) . . Cider Pub Guide; 22:12 . . (Talk) (London)
  3. (diff) (hist) . . Cider Pub Guide; 21:54 . . (Talk

Those numbers like are IP addresses of the internet connection used by whoever did that particular edit.

Log In

But if you are logged in to the wiki at the time then your account name appears there instead ike this

  1. (diff) (hist) . . Cider Pub Guide; 18:03 . . Frankie Roberto (Talk)

(Leicestershire - subheadings)

  1. (diff) (hist) . . User:Nicpillinger; 16:41 . . Nicpillinger (Talk)
  2. (diff) (hist) . . N User:Nicpillinger; 16:39 . . Nicpillinger (Talk)

User List

One of the Special pages ( from toolbox menu, left ) is called User List and this show all the named accounts which have been created so far as:

  1. Andy Roberts
  2. Evan
  3. Frankie Roberto
  4. Maltcote
  5. Nicpillinger
  6. Ray
  7. The Sec-RAT-ary
  8. WikiSysop

Anonymous Edits

I'll repeat that there may be some advantages to using a named account, but it's not necessary, it's quite OK to make edits anonymously as well.

Editing Sections

To edit a section, click on the 'edit' link to the right of the header for that section. Note that the edit links refer to the sections below, not above. This can be confusing.

Categorising Pages

To categorise a page, simply add [[Category:Name of Category]] to the bottom of a page.

To categorise a category within another category, simply add the same code above to the Category page itself.

Pages can be added to more than one category by including more than one of the above tags.


Linking to Pages

Putting a word or words within double square brackets turns them into a link to the page. If there is no page with that title, then the link is to an editing box where that page can be created.

eg: [[Cider Pub Guide]] looks like Cider Pub Guide

You can make the link text different to the title of the page you are linking to by putting a 'pipe' character '|' after the title and then adding your link text.

eg: [[Cider Pub Guide|guide]] looks like guide

To make a link to a page that's not a main content page, you should include the 'namespace' (eg 'Talk', 'User', 'Special') in the link followed by a colon and the title of the page.

eg: [[User:Andy Roberts]] looks like User:Andy Roberts

You can rename the link by either using the pipe character '|' and giving your own link text (as above), or, to automatically hide the namespace from the link text, just add the pipe character.

eg [[User:Andy Roberts|]] looks like Andy Roberts

To link to a specific section midway down a page you place a hash symbol '#' at the end of the page link details and follow it with the section title (this works on main content pages as well as special pages that contain section headers)

eg: [[Cider Pub Guide#Alphabetical list of Counties|guide]] looks like guide but now displays the page at the start of the Alphabetical List towards the end of the page

To link to an external site, either simply insert the URL (including http://) or, to name the link, insert the link into single square brackets, followed by a space and the link text.

eg [ UK Cider Website] looks like UK Cider Website

Including Images

Images are valued within the ukcider wiki both as useful illustrations, for recognition and aesthetic purposes, and to help break up large blocks of text.

There are several ways to include images within the wiki.

method 1 - include an image hosted at is a photo sharing web service, upon which we have a ukcider group pool of photos. You can get a free account there, which entitles you to upload up to 20 Megabytes per month. Since Flickr has been bought by yahoo! now, you may have to register for a yahoo ID, but that shouldn't be too painful. Once you have a Flickr account, you can upload a few pictures to your own photostream. Join the ukcider group there. Them choose any which are cider-related and add them to the ukcider pool as well. To do this just click on a photo, then the drop down menu above the photo called "send to group" and choose ukcider, then OK.

To include one of these, choose one and then the "other sizes" tab. Then scoop up the simple URL for the size of photo you wish to use and just paste that into a ukcider wiki page, just as it is. That's all there there is to it.

method 2 - include an image hosted on your own website or elsewhere on the web

method 3 - upload an image to this ukcider wiki and then include it on a page

This method is documented at

Creating a New Page

the easy way...

Create an article - Type a title in the box below:


note that the current settings mean that you have to be logged in to create a new page.


The Ship Inn. Cornish Rattler.