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Ermie and Gertie's are real cider producer based in Langport, Somerset.



Their orchard contains a wide variety of full standard trees that range from over 50 years old to under 5 years. Lambrook Pippin, Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey, Sweet Coppin, Bramley, Hoary Morning, Russet, Tom Putt and James Grieve are just some of the varieties used to produce apple juice and cider.

Cider produced is 100% pure apple juice which comes from their own orchards, it is pressed in the traditional way and allowed to ferment naturally from the yeasts found on the apples. It is then finished in recently emptied oak whisky barrels or recently emptied wine barrels from Bordeaux (see below).

The cider is very popular at CAMRA festivals and has won several of their awards. The majority is sulphite free and unfiltered, but they do occasionally filter before bottling.


In 2009, they produced several Single Variety Ciders in whisky barrels which included Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey and Brown's Apples. They also made a Dual Variety Cider in whisky barrels using Lambrook Pippin & Yarlington Mill apples and a Blended Cider finished in Bordeaux wine barrels. All of these ciders were unfiltered cider, around 7% abv and available in 750ml bottles, 2.5lt flagons, 15lt manucubes, 20lt & 10 litre bag in boxes, or on draught.

Contact details

  • Address: Pitney House, Pitney, Langport, Somerset, TA10 9AR.
  • Tel: (01458) 252308.

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