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Crone's is a producer of organic ciders based in Kenninghall in Norfolk.



Crone's was founded in 1984 by Robert and Jane Crone. Initially, as many cider producers do, as a hobby then growing into a part time business and later into a full time business.

Crone's make their cider from a blend of different types of organic apples, specifically desert apples, cookers, and cider apples. The apple juice is fermented with the natural yeasts and the resulting cider is matured and allowed to clear naturally without the use of finings, this makes Crone's organic cider suitable for Vegans. No chemicals or concentrates are used what so ever, the only thing they add is a small amount of unrefined demerara sugar.

Their organic 'Special Reserve' was awarded the silver medal in the Cider of the Year Award 1998, and was voted joint first by the public.


Traditional Norfolk Ciders

  • Orginal 7.5% ABV
  • User Friendly 6.2% ABV

Other Ciders

  • Special Reserve 7.5% ABV

All ciders are available unpasturised in 10 and 22.5 litre containers for dispensing from the bar top or cellar. They are also available pasturised in 75cl glass bottles.

Contact details

  • Address: Crone's Organic Cider, Fairview, Fersfield Rd, Kenninghall, Norfolk, NR16 2DP.
  • Tel: (01379) 687687.

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