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The cider press, building using and general pressing issues - as part of the Cider makers FAQ



Q I just completed my apple grinder and I was wondering in general aproximately what is the yield of a bushel of apples? Tim

A I'm sorry I'm in my 50's so I'm far too young to know what a bushel is! However I can tell you that a good yield from a mill and press is around 75%. Pukka industrial set-ups may achieve a bit more. With a hand-wound grater and hand-operated press you may only get around 60%. The final yield depends on the pulp size from the grater, as well as the efficiency (pressure) of the press and to some extent the condition of the fruit itself. Let's say from a 15 kg box of fruit you should expect about 10 litres of juice (that's the new fangled metric system by the way, for those of us who don't do bushels!) See also Michael Cobb's pressing experience where apple quantities are measured in "buckets" - link above.

Cheese Building

The 'cheese' is the name given to an assembly of crushed fruit pomace, cloth or straw, wooden racks and pressure spreaders which is prepared for pressing in a rack and cheese press.

Q Is there any accepted wisdom for packing the pomace into each layer of a cheese ready for pressing? Should it be left loose or tamped down

A The pomace can be scooped onto the cheese and spread around by hand, pushing it into corners. Try to get an even depth with no air gaps and fairly even density of pomace. Smooth it down but don't tamp it. You need to leave juice channels.

Contract Pressing Services

  • The Little Cider Press Company, Coldmoor Cottage, Putley, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2RD (01531 670713) - Small volume (50kg minimum) fruit pressing service.

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