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Cider Club UK the only online club for independent ciders delivered direct to your door.

Are you like us and despair of the same old big branded products in your supermarket? Well here is your answer, we often purchase locally produced ciders wherever we go - it tastes better, it's more natural and it promotes local business.

So we thought it might be fun to sell a product that we and our suppliers have a real passion for. Well, what can be better than making a hobby your job!?!

We are committed to supporting the smaller, independent cider producers from the UK. So you won't find any of the bigger corporate producers on here that, shall we say, link cider with pint glasses and ice!

We like being small - it allows us to be personal with our service, we are happy to talk to our customers about our products, service and general cider enquiries.

We really appreciate your feedback (good or bad!), we want our customers to enjoy the Cider Club as much as we enjoy running it and we are happy to continue making the club better for you.


Farmers Choice Mixed Case

  • Mahorall Dry
  • Combe Raider
  • Spalding Scrumpy
  • Ross Dry

Harvest Special Mixed Case

  • Brook Farm Medium/Dry
  • Ross Medium/Dry
  • Dab Hand
  • Yellowbelly

Plus lots more from some of the best local farm produced ciders from around the UK. Become a Gold Member and receive 10% discount on all purchases as well as special deals and access to one-off ciders produced from windfall.

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