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Cider Blogs

I do wonder why we are not seeing very many cider blogs at all yet. To me it seems the arguments for any small business or serious hobbyist publishing a blog are compelling. At least somebody at Westons or Thatchers might be blogging by now? What better way to share the ups and downs of cider making, orchard management, pictures and illustration and anything else the cidermaker wants to write about.

Here are some good reasons to start a cidermaking blog:

  • EASY It's almost as easy as writing an email and sending it to ukcider
  • CHEAP/FREE You can get a free blog for yourself at one of many providers such as or wordpress,org and not have to worry about hosting charges or increasing bandwidth
  • CONVERSATION Because blogs allow for comments, you can make contacts, friends and learn from pointers that your audience sends in.
  • INSIGHT into the market through engagement with potential customers
  • GOOGLE loves blogs, building your visibility and traffic

And to dispel some myths:

  • Technology

Blogging at it's simplest doesn't require any technical knowhow. It's as easy as posting a webmail or bulletin board. You could even compose your entry first in a Word processor and then paste it in if you like.

  • Keeping it up

You don't have to write something every day as some people believe ( perhaps after having started diaries as teenagers and then shortly abandoned them? ) Once a week or month would still have a big impact compared to a static "homepage" type site which nobody can interact with.

The rest of this page is for listing cider blogs from the ukcider network.

For example

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