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Cider apples are grouped into four main types according to the nature of their flavour components.

  • Sweets contain high sugar levels which encourage fermentation and raise the final alcohol levels. This group is low in tannins and acidity.
  • Sharps are high in acidity and add 'bite' to the cider. They tend to be low in sugar content and have little tannin.
  • Bittersweets are high in sugar but also contain raised levels of tannin which tastes bitter and is astringent. A certain amount of bitterness is expected in all but the sweetest ciders.
  • Bittersharps are high in both tannins and fruit acids.

NB: sharps are not necessarily that low in sugar, it's all relative. A sweet cider apple tastes sweet because there is little or no acid to balance or mask the sweetness. It isn't that it is higher in sugar than other cider apples, just lower in acid to make sweet the dominate flavour.

The current 'industry standard' publication for the most commonly grown varieties of West Country cider apples is 'The Somerset Pomona - The Cider Apples of Somerset' by Liz Copas. This can be bought through Liz Copas own website here: or if that doesn't work, through the ukcider bookshop at

For more general information, see the cider makers FAQ Orchards section

Some named cider apple varieties in alphabetical order:


Ashmeads Kernel (sweet)


Ashton Bitter (Bittersweet)

Balls Bittersweet

Medium Bittersweet, Raised 1940's by Edward Ball, who was employed by H.P.Bulmer, Hereford. Medaille dOr - Old Foxwhelp cross. Produces full bodied cider. Occasionally planted modern orchards. Flowers mid season (Mid May), Tree vigour medium, Harvest mid November.

Brown's Apple (Sharp)

Brown Thorn (Mild Bittersweet)

Mild Bittersweet. Syn. Argile Grise, which in the C19th was claimed to be one of the oldest and best varieties of the Norman orchards. Introduced 1884 by the Woolhope Naturalists Club; renamed. Flecked with red, covered in network of russet.Produces sweet slightly astringent juice and mildly bittersweet cider of high quality. Formally grown commercially but declined due to suceptability to Fireblight. Flowering period late, Tree vigour medium, Harvest November.

Broxwood Foxwhelp (bittersharp)



Bulmers Norman (Bittersweet)

Crimson King (sharp)



Bittersweet Cider Apple; Med-High Tannin; Med-Low Acid; Flowering Mid - Late Season; Cropping mid-October - early-November.

Egremont Russet (Dessert/mild Bittersweet?)


Frederick (sharp)


Harry Masters Jersey

Bittersweet Cider Apple; Medium Tannin; Med-Low Acid; Flowering Mid - Late Season; Cropping mid-October - early-November.

Herefordshire Redstreak

Thought to be an extinct cider apple, though once very common. Rumoured to have been rediscovered with new trees that have been grown and planted locally bearing fruit last season (2006). Regarded during the C17th to have been, without doubt, the finest of cider apples. Its trees were said to have covered Herefordshire. It has been considered lost for a very long time, although maiden trees bearing this name have been on sale in some nurseries. Listed in F.P.Matthews 2006 catalogue.

Apples were medium size, two inches and three quarters wide,and two inches and a quarter high ; roundish, narrowing towards the apex.Skin, deep clear yellow, streaked with red on the shaded side, but red, streaked with deeper red, on the side next the sun. Eye, small, with convergent segments, set in a rather deep basin. Stalk, short and slender. Flesh, yellow, firm, crisp, and rather dry.

Tree low and shrubby, rugged in growth.

Improved Red Streak

Jordan Russet (sharp)

Kingston Black

Bittersweet to Bittersharp Cider Apple; Medium Tannin; Medium Acid; Flowering Mid-Season; Cropping mid-October - early-November.

LeBret (sweet)

Medaille d'Or (bittersweet)


Porters Perfection

Robinson & Snowdrift Crabapple (2-N-1) (bitter)

Royal Somerset Triple use (eating, culinary and cider)

Sharp; Mild Tannin; Medium Acid; Large fruit (75mm - 100mm+); Flowering Early- to Mid-Season; Cropping October.

Somerset Red Streak

Stoke Red

Bittersharp Cider Apple; High Tannin; med-High Acid; Flowering Late Season; Cropping late October - mid-November.

Striped Harvey (sharp)

Sweet Alford

Sweet Coppin (sweet)

Tom Putt Triple use (eating, culinary and cider)

Sharp; Mild Tannin; Medium Acid; Flowering Early; Cropping late-August - mid-September. Need prompt milling.

Tremlett's Bitter (Bittersweet)

Herefordshire grown Tremlett's, 2007

White Styre

Hogg & Bull's 'The Apple & Pear as Vintage Fruits (1886)says of White Styre :

'This apple was formerly highly esteemed amongst the early varieties of cider fruit in Herefordshire, and is still valued in Worcestershire. It makes a light pleasant cider, of a deep colour, with good keeping qualities, but it is without much flavour, and with but little alcoholic strength. The fruit is therefore seldom used.

The tree is hardy, and flowers the middle of May. It bears abundantly, and seldom fails to bear. The sandy loams of Worcestershire, with the blue clay (Lias) sub-soil, seems to suit it better than the strong clay loams of Herefordshire. The variety is old, and but very little propagated now.'

Whitney Crabapple (bitter )

Williams Pride

=='Yarlington Mill Bittersweet Cider Apple; High Tannin; Low Acid; Flowering Early- to Mid-Season; Cropping October - early November.

Yellow Newton Pippin (sweet)

York Imperial (sweet to bittersweet)

Some interesting work trialling cider apple varieties is being done at the Washington State University Research Facilities at Mount Vernon which can be seen here

29 new Cider Apple Varieties

The new apple varieties are Lizzy; Prince William; Amelia; Amanda; Jenny; Hastings; Connie; Helen's Apple; Three Counties; Jane; Tina; Early Bird; Vicky; Naomi; Nicky; Angela; Gilly; Willy; Joanna; Maggie; Hannah; Jean; Sally; Fiona; Shamrock; Tracey; Eleni; Betty and Debbie.

Other cider apple names

David Pickering has collated a list of known cider apple varieties based on reference to assorted publications.

UK Cultivars

Abondance Abram Alford (see Sweet Alford) Allens Sweet Amere de Berthecourt Amer de Torentice American Forestier Amphlett's Favorite Ancell (see Ansell) Ansell / Ancell Argile Grise Ashmead's Kernel Ashton Bitter Ashton Brown Jersey Bache's Kernel (see Best Bache) Backwell Red Ball's Bittersweet Barbarie Blanche Baylis' Kernel Bedan Bedan des Parts Belle de Douai (see Lavignee) Belle Norman / Handsome Norman / Handsome Hereford / Perthyre Belle Orchard Seedling / Ledbury Belle Bergere Best Bache / Bache's Kernel Bewley Down Pippin (see Crimson King) Binet Rouge Bitter George Bitter Jersey (see Chisel Jersey) Black Bud Black-Eyed Pippin Black Foxwhelp Black Hereford Black Limbertwig Black Norman Black Taunton (see Kingston Black) Black Wilding Blanc Mollet Bloody Turk Bottle Stopper Bramley's Seedling Bramtot Brandy Apple (see Golden Harvey) Bran Rose Bristol Crab Broadleaved Norman (see Broadleaf Norman) Bromley (see also New Bromley) Breakwells Seedling Broadleaf Norman / Broadleaved Norman Broadley Jersey Bromesberrow Crab Brown Jersey Brown Snout Brown Thorn Browns Apple Bull's Eye Bulmer's Fowwhelp Bulmer's Norman / White Muscadet Cabbage Apple Cadbury (see Royal Wilding) Calvin Camelot Campfield Candid Heart Cannon Pearmain Canon Bittersweet Cap of Liberty / Red Soldier Carrion Apple Cherry Norman / Hitterley Cherry Pearmain Chester Chibble's Wilding Chisel Jersey / Sidestalk Jersey / Bitter Jersey / Jersey Chisel Churchill Cider Brandy Apple Cider Lady's Finger Cimitiere Claygate Pearmain Coat Jersey Coccagee / Cockagee Cockagee (see Coccagee) Colaw (see Taliaferro) Colemans Seedling Collington Big Bitters Collington Bitter Sweet Compton Drum Cook's Kernel Cool Jersey Cortland Court Pendu Plat Court Pendu Rose Court Royal / Improved Pound / Sweet Blenheim Cow Apple Cowarne Red Cremiere Crimson King / John Toucher's / Bewley Down Pippin / Jackson's Croix de Bouelles Crow Egg Crow's Kernel (see Rejuvenated Foxwhelp) Cummy / Cummy Norman Dabinett Darbin Red / Darbin Redstreak de Bouteville / Bouteville / Bouteville de Caen Des Domaines Devonshire Redstreak Dolgo Domaines (see des Domaines) Doux Amer Doux Lazon Doux Normandie Dove Ducks Bill Dufflin Dunkerton Late Sweet Dymock Red Early David Ecarlatine Eggleton Red (see Pym Square) Eggleton Styre Egremont Russet Ellis Bitter Empire Essex Kernel Excels Fair Maid of Devon Farmer Hearland Fawkes' Kernel Fillbarrel Forest Styre Fox Foxwhelp Franqueville Frederick Freedom Frequin Audievre Frequin Rouge Frequin Tardif Garter Apple Gatcomb (see Gin) Gennet Moyle Gilbert Gilmer Pippin (see Parks Pippin) Gilpin Gin / Gatcomb Goddard Golden Ball Golden Bittersweet Golden Harvey / Brandy Apple Golden Hornet Golden Moyle Golden Russet Goose Apple Granniwinkle Granville Greasy Apple (see Munn's Red) Green Bay Green Norman Green Styre Green Wilding Grimes Golden Grindstone Grittleton Yellow Gross Launette Guinea Apple Hadlock Reinette Hagloe Crab Hanburies Kernel Handsome Hereford (see Belle Norman) Handsome Norman (see Belle Norman) Hangdown / Horner's / Hangydown / Pocket Apple Haralson Hard-Bearer Harnette Harrison Harrison #2 Harrison SS Harry Master's Jersey / Port Wine Hatcher Heming Hereford Redstreak Hewe's Crab Higdon Hitterley (see Cherry Norman) Hogshead Honey Cider Honeycombe Honeystring Horner's (see Hangdown) Horse Improved Dove Improved Foxwhelp Improved Pound (see Court Royal) Izard's Kernel (see Pym Square) Jackson's (see Crimson King) Jambe de Lievre Jersey Chisel (see Chisel Jersey) Jersey Flenier Joeby Crab John Toucher's (see Crimson King) Jolly Rouge Jordan Russet Josh / Joshua Jouveaux Killerton Sweet King David King of Pippin Kingston Black / Black Taunton Kingstin Bitter Knotted Hereford / Knotted Norman Knotted Norman (see Knotted Hereford) Knotted Kernel Lambrook Pippin Langworthy / Langworthy's Sour Natural / Langworthy's Sweet Natural Large Jersey Launette Lavignee / Belle de Douai Lebret Ledbury Belle (see Belle Orchard Seedling) Lopen Neverblight (see Stoke Red) Lorna Doone Loral Drain (see Red Jersey) Loyal Drain (see Red Jersey) Loyal Drang (see Red Jersey) Lurley (Bitter Sweet) Maggie Major Marechal Margil Marin Oufroy Martha Maude Maundy / Philip's Maundy Maurice's Pippin (see Morris') Medaille D'Or Medaille d'Or 1 Medaille d'Or 2 Mediates Merrypear Mettais Michelin Minnesota 1734 Morgan's Sweet Morris's Apple (see Stoke Red) Morris' / Maurice's Pippin Moulin a Vent Muscadet de Dieppe Munn's Red / Pretty Maid / Greasy Apple Murdy Apple Muscat de Bernay Musk (see White Bache) Nehou Nelson County Crab Netherton Late Blower Netherton Nonsuch Neverblight (see Stoke Red) New Bromley (see also Bromley) Noel des Champs Norman (see White Bache) Northwood Oakham Green Oatlas Kernel / Oatley's Kernel Oatley's Kernel (see Oatlas Kernel) Oisier Old Fashioned Limbertwig Old Foxwhelp Old Pound Omont Orange Pippin Otley Park's Pippin / Gilmer Pippin Parmar ParmarPorter's Perfection Peau de Blaireau Peau de Vache Pennard Bitter Perthyre (see Belle Norman) Philip's Maundy (see Maundy) Pierce Pasture Pin Apple Pocket Apple (see Hangdown) Pomme Mettais Ponsford Poor Man's Profit Port Wine (see Harry Masters Jersey) Porter's Perfection Pound Pretty Maid (see Munn's Red) Price's Bittersweet Pym Square / Izard's Kernel / Eggleton Red Ramping Taurus Raynal's Crab (see Reynold's Crab) Red Bud Red Chester Red Cluster Red Foxwhelp Red Hereford (see Red Norman) Red Jersey / Loral Drain / Loyal Drain / Loyal Drang Red Musk (see Red Must) Red Must / Red Musk Red Norman / Red Hereford Red Royal Red Soldier (see Cap of Liberty) Red Splash / Rolling's Kernel Redstreak / Scudamores Crab Red Styre Red Worthy Reine des Hatives Reine des Pommes Reinette d'Obry Rejuvenated Foxwhelp / The Canon Apple / Crow's Kernel Reynold's Crab / Raynal's Crab Rice's Jersey (see Woodbine) Rolling's Kernel (see Red Splash) Ross Nonpareil Rouge Bruyere Rougette Douce Roxbury Russet Royal Jersey Royal Somerset Royal Wilding / Cadbury Russet Foxwhelp Rusty Coat Sack Apple Sam's Crab Sandford Jersey Scabby Scudamores Crab (see Redstreak) Sheep's Nose (see Sheep's Snout) Sheep's Snout / Sheep's Nose Sherrington Norman Sidestalk Jersey (see Chisel Jersey) Silver Cup Skyrmes Kernel Slack-my-Girdle / Slack-Ma-Girl Small Styre (see Styre) Smith Seedling Smith's Cider Somerset Brown Jersey Somerset Redstreak Sops in Wine / Sops of Wine Soulard Crab South Queening Spreading Redstreak St Laurent Stable Jersey Stembridge Cluster Stembridge Jersey Stoke Red / Neverblight / Morris's Apple / Lopen Neverblight Strawberry Hereford (see Strawberry Norman) Strawberry Norman / Strawberry Hereford Stead's Kernel Streaked Jersey (see Royal Jersey) Styre / Small Styre Styre Wilding Sugar Apple / Sugar Loaf Sugar Loaf (see Sugar Apple) Sussex Apple Sweet Alford Sweet Blenheim (see Court Royal) Sweet Coppin Sweet Reinette (see Sweet Rennet) Sweet Rennet / Sweet Reinette Taliaferro / Colaw Tankerton Tanners Red Tardive Forestier Taunton Fair Maid Taylor's Sweet Teign Harvey Ten Commandments Tenderskin The Canon Apple (see Rejuvenated Foxwhelp) Thomas Hunt Tom Putt Tremlett's Bitter Underleaf Upright French Upright Styre Vagner Ascher Vagnon Archer Vilberie / Vilebery / Vilbery Waldhofler Ware Apple Wellings Bitter Sweet Whidbey White Alphington White Bache / Norman / White Must / Musk White Close Pippin White Frequin White Hereford (see White Norman) White Jersey White Muscadet (see Bulmer's Norman) White Must (see White Bache) White Norman / White Hereford White Styre Whitney Crab Wickson Wilding Bittersweet Winter Jon / Winter John Woodbine / Rice's Jersey Woodcock Woodsell Yarlington Mill Yellow Redstreak Yellow Styre Zabergau Reinette

France Cultivars

Abondance Abondance du Pave Acide du Crouais Alcadace Alouette Ambrette Amer Doux Amere Amere a Longue Queue Amere de Bethcourt Amere de Vieuville Amere Gauthier Amere Petite de Bray Amere Rousse Amere Saint Jacques Ameret de Courcival Amer Gros Antoinette Argile Gris Argile Nouvelle Argile Rouge Armagnac Arseule Aufriche Avalou Belein Avrolles Bague Gros Bague Normand Baguette Barbarie Barbarie Sale Barre Bassard Bassard dore Bataille Beau Blin Bedan Bedan des Parts Bedange Blanc Bedange Rouge Bedoie Belle Cauchoise Belle du Roumis Bel Ordre Benediction de Sainte Anne Berat Blanc Berat Rouge Bergerie de Surville Bergerie de Villerville Binet Blanc Binet Gris Binet Rouge Binet Violet Bisquet Bisquette (?) Blanc Croquet Blanc d'Ete Blanc Guernat Blanche de la Sarthe Blanchet Blanc Mollet Blanc Sur Bois Droit Blanc Bon Pere Boue Bouin Boulinvilliers Boulogne Bouteille Bouvette Bramtot Cabarette Cahoua Cahouest Caillouel Calard Calville Blanc Calvin Canari Carisi Blanc Carnette Carrel Cartigny Cat Bier Cazo Jaune Cazo Vert Cenard Chailleux Chamfortin Chapelle (de) Chaperonnais Charge bas Charge Souvent Charles Pitre Chataigne Chataignier (?) Cherance Cherubine Chesnaie Chevalier Jaune C'huero Briz C'huero Guen C'huero Ru C'huero Ru Bihan Cibrisy Cidor Cimetiere Cimetiere de Blangy Clos Renaud (Clos Renaux?) Clos Renaux Clozeau Clozette / Closette Clozette Rouge Coaquin Coco Coetquentel Coeur de Boeuf Colapuis (Colapuy ou collapuis) Colas Jouen Coquerelle Coupette Rouge Couplet de Pledran Court Pendu Plat Cremette Crollon Cuir d'Ane Cuisse Madame Cul Creux Cul d'oison jaune Cul d'oison vert Cul Noue Cuna Dame Jeanne Damelot Datte de Bouteville / Bouteville / Bouteville de Caen De Jaune Gros Delaplace Des Domaines (see Domaines) Deslours Diot Roux Docteur Blanche Dol Domaines / Domaine Domaines du Calvados Double Bon Pommier Douce Bloc Hic Douce Coet Ligne Douce Coetligne Douce Moen Douce Rousse Grosse Douce Morelle Doucet de Coeur Doucet Rouge Doux Amer Doux Amer Gris Doux Amer Rouge Doux au Gobet Doux Blanc Mollet Doux Bouvet Doux Coursier Doux Crasseux Doux D'Avoine Doux de Guer Doux de la Cloture Doux de la Cottrais Doux de Mouen Doux Eveque Doux Eveque Briz Doux Eveque Jaune Doux Francais Doux Joseph Doux Ligon Doux Lozon Doux Moen Doux Normand Doux Normandie Doux Verret Cosnard Doux Verret de Carrouges / Doux Veret de Carrouge Doux Veret de la Gravelle Doux Veret de l'Eure Doux Veret Gris Dubosc Duret Egyptia / Egytias Emmanchee Eylau Faro Fenouillette Petite Ferronnette Fer Rouge Fertil Fertile de Doue Fertile de Falaise Feuillard Feuille Morte Fil Fil Jaune Flandre Floritard Fouc d'Ahaut Frais Trouve Framboise Francatu Francazeau Franqueville Frequin a Grande Queue Frequin Audievre Frequin Barre Frequin Blanc Frequin de Chartres Frequin de Menival Frequin Doux Frequin Jaune Frequin Lacaille Frequin Lajoie Frequin Long Frequin Parapluie Frequin Rouge Frequin Rouge Petit Frequin Tardif Fuero ru Keroual Fumee Furcy Lacaille Gagnevin Galeuse Galopin Gar de Brun Gatineau Gendrevile General Genereuse de Vitry Genot Germaine Gilet Rouge d'Ernee Gilet Rouge de Questembert Gillevic Girard Glane Glenon Godard Gouilhannec Grasse Lande Grise de l'Eure Gris Dieppois Groin d'Ane Gros Bois Gros d'Enton Groseille Gros gare Gross Launette Gros Locard vert Gros Locard rouge Gros Muscadet Grosse Bouteille Guillevic Guyot Roger Hachet Hative Legrand Hauchecorne Havardais Herbage Sec Herne Hollande de Brie Hommet Hubert Infaillible Jacob de Rennes Jacques Lebel Jacques Pierre Jambe de Lievre Jamette Jaune de Vitre Jaunet Jaunet de Gournay Jaunet Pointu Jean Hure Jeanne Renard Jeannetonne Jean Trottin Jeffredo Jolibois Joly Bois Joliote Joly Rouge Jouveaux Judaine Judeline Judin Judor Julian Julien le Paulmier Julienne Jurella Kermerrien Lanscahsier Lanquetot Launette Lavignee / Belle de Douai Legendre Locard Blanc / Locart Blanc Locard Vent Locard Vert Long Bois Longuet Louguet Louise Desgues Luiset Maltot Maltranche de Rennes Manchon Manerbe Marabot Marais Marechal Margaux Marguerite Kozh Marie Madeleine Marie Menard, Marie Manard, Marie Mesnard Marie My Mariennet Mariette Marin Marin-Onfroy Marin Onfroy Gros Marniere Marseigna Martin Fessard Medaille D'Or Medaille d'Or 1 Medaille d'Or 2 Messire Jacques Mettais Michelin Michel Tiphaigne Monnier Dur Monte en Boisde Trenois Moquevilain Moulin a Vent Moulin a Vent del'Eure Moulin a Vent du Calvados Mousset Ovoide Muscadet de Bernay Muscadet de Dieppe Muscadet Petit de l'Orne Nehou Nenot-Genot? Nez de Chat Nez Plat Noe Binay Noel des Champs Noire de Vitry Normandie blanc Nouvelle France Oignon Olivier Omont Orange d'Ille et Vilaine Ordre a Lesueur Ormilcent Orpolin Pacari Panneterie Paradis Parfumee (la) Passe Reine Peau d'Ane Peau de Blaireau Peau de Chien Peau de Vache Peau de Vache Musquee Pepins d'Or Petit Petit Amer Petit Blanc Petit Cochon Petit Damelot Petit Doux Petite Sorte Petit Gilet Rouge de Janze Petit Jaune Petit Rouge Pied Court Pied Court Raye Oignon Pigeon Pigeonnet Piment Pommate de Bucey Pomme D'Amour Pomme D'Avoine Pomme de Cheval Pomme de Haie Pomme de Jouzel Pomme de Moi Pomme de Noyer Pomme de St Vran Pomme de Trois Ans Pomme d'Or Pontivy Precoce David President Delcourt President Descours Prodhomme de Meillac Pruvotte Quenouillette Racropi Radeau d'Illifaut Radot Raile Precoce Raile Varin Rambault Rambeau Reine des Hatives Reine des Pommes Reine des Vergers Reinette d'Armorique Reinette d'Obry Rene Martin Robert de Rennes Roquet Jaune Rouge Bruyere Rouge de Treves Rouge Duret / Rouget Duret Rouget de Dol Rouget de Dol Prime Rouget de Dol Trois Quart Rougette Rougette Douce Rousseau Rousse de la Sarthe Rousse Latour Rousse Verte Saint Bazyl Saint Laurent Saint Martin Saint Michel Saint Philbert Saulette Sebin Sebin Blanc Sebin Rouge Sevageon barre, Sauvageon barre Servogne Solage a Gouet Solage a Turquetil Sorte Petit Sous la Douve Souvenir Francais St Aubin Suie Petite Tard Fleuri Tardive de la Sarthe Tardive du Bechet Taureau Teint Frais Telloire Terrier Tesnieres Tete de Brebis Tete de Chat Tocfich Tremorel Trepagne Trochelait Vaicherel Vaudeloges Vendue Leveque Verite Verollot Vice President des Cours Vilbery Vimont Wagnon Brilloux

Spain Cultivars

SPAIN Blanquina Callaos Clara Coloradona Cristalina De La Riega Duron Arroes Durona Tresali Ernestina Limon Montes Marialena Panquerina Pepa Perezosa Perico Picona Rayada Piel de Sapo Prieta Raxao Regona Reineta Encarnada Renata Repinaldo Sangre de Toro Solarina Teorica Verdialona Xuanina