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Cider is the raison d'etre for this site but up until now there hasn't been an individual page called Cider. Now that there is, what use is there for a page about cider when that's what the whole wiki is about anyway?

I suppose it could be an introduction to the subject for the uninitiated, a sort of encyclopedia entry, or an alternative starting point for navigating to the other pages about cider. Or a companion to the Perry page.

About cider

Real cider is like a kind of forgotten miracle, once having been understood to some extent and appreciated on almost every farm in the UK with cidermaking practice spread all over Europe. Cider is still an important part of local culture in parts of France and Spain

Real Cider

It wouldn't be necessary to have a term Real_Cider if it weren't for the existance of industrial cider and a general misunderstanding of the difference.

Making Cider

Drinking Cider