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CJ's is a real cider producer based in Usk, Gwest, Wales.



CJ's is a small producer and CJ himself has been making cider since his school days! He began making only enough for his own consumption whilst supplying Bulmers with the majority of his apples. When Bulmers dropped the price of the fruit his cider business began.

Would-be cidermakers can buy cider-apple juice from CJ, and begin their cidermaking careers the easy way, fermenting at home with the picking and pressing already done!

CJ's Cider is noticable by its buxom wench on their logo!


CJ's Brandy Cask Medium Dry, CJs Cider Surprise, CJs Dry Cider, CJs Medium Dry Cider, CJs Perry, CJs Red Medium Cider and CJs Whisky Flavoured Cider.


CJ's Cider is distributed by Jon Hallam. Jon sells them on in 10 and 20 litre boxes or as 5 gallon poly-barrel. No bottled produce and wholesale only, no visitors.

Contact details

  • Address: C.J. Watkins, CJ's Cider, Bottom Farm, Penrhos, Raglan, Usk, Monmouthshire, NP15 2DE.
  • Tel: (01600) 780216.