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This page begins as an account of Andy and Linda's August trip to Galicia, staying in three sites in Asturias, and one in Galicia and Castille e Leon

More general information about Asturian campsites can be found on Interhike ( en) and here's a page about campsites in Llanes, Aturias.


Playa de Pennaronda

Camping Playa Penarronda
Playa Penarronda-Barres
33760 Castropol
Asturias Tel: 34 985623022

The first is near the city of Ribadeo, just on the Asturian side of the border with Galicia. In August the site was nearly full up, being popular with Spanish families, mainly from Madrid I think. The attraction is being right next to a lovely beach which would be difficult to park near otherwise.
The beach at Pennaronda
The cafe on the site sells sidra to drink there and packs of two bottles with a traditional Asturian sidra glass. They also sell novelty ashtrays of 'comic' Asturian figures pouring sidra in the traditional way. The camp shop sells sidra in returnable bottles (20 cent deposit) for Euros 2.20. They had Villanueva, made in Gijon, very nice, a little acid but fresh tasting. It was very thirst quenching after the long drive from Avilés (Asturias airport). They had plenty of cider when we first arrived but ran out on the second day. I wonder why? They replaced it next morning with another very similar one, same price, also from Gijon. In Ribedeo, which is just over the border into Gallicia, sidra is available in some of the bars.
A sidreria in the nearby port town of Figueras
In one such bar we saw an elderly couple drinking sidra from shallow, white china bowls rather than the usual glasses. The sidra in the bar was Villanueva and they sold the usual range of basic tapas.

Canyon de Sil

campsite address from interhike

Canon del Sil
Castro s n
Parada do Sil
Ourense Tel: 34 988 26 95 44

Next stop was far away in the Canyon de Sil, which used to be Galicia's best kept secret until I mentioned it here. There's only one camp site in the district, and it's convenient for exploring the canyon by catamaran trip either end. The site is in a hamlet called Castro near Parada de Sil, there is a restaurant and bar but no shop. No sidra available but the local Ribeira Sacra strong red wine from the canyon sides is wonderful.

Sena de Luna

24145 SENA DE LUNA - LEON 34 987597714

Site number 3 was high up in the mountains, actually in the Castille e Leon district, near a village called Sena de Luna. They have posters on the wall in the little cafe on site which advertises Asturian Sidra but they made us go outside to drink it for some reason. I suspect it might have been because after a couple of glasses the temptation to have a go at the traditional pouring method becomes overwhelming! It was really no hardship to sit outside in the fresh mountain air, drink sidra and relax after a spectacular drive through the Galician section of the Picos de Europa. Being so high up it gets cold at night and even in August there was ice on the outside of the tent when I got up very early. Andy woke me very early to share his excitment about this but being Scots I was a little less impressed by the sight of ice on a tent in August! I was much more impressed by the amazing scenery, the eagles flying low over the camp site and the sound of wolves howling through the night.

Cangas de Onis

Camping Covadonga
33589 Soto De Cangas
Asturias Tel: 34 985940097

Number 4 was on the outskirts of a large town called Cangas de Onis, which is a real cider drinking town. Everywhere we went there were men, women and children drinking sidra with their late evening meal. The town is busy and full of places to eat and drink sidra. We opted for a pleasant sidreria not far from the town square where we drank Vilanuevau sidra again and ate Gallegan pulpo (octopus) and potato, hot,spicy and delcious. The waiters poured the sidra in the showy, traditional way but even they were careful to stand near the carefully provided drains while they did it. The campsite is called Covadonga and it's tucked away on the outskirts of this historic town. It is more expensive than others, and a little squashed in, but the restaurant/bar sells the excellent Cortina Sidra.
There were wolves howling that night too as the camp site is near the zoo!


Playa de Bañugues
33700 - LUANCO
Asturias 34 985880785

Camping El Molino is back in the heart of Asturias, on the Gozon peninsular within striking distance of the airport at Aviles.
It's a large site next to a beach, and they sell sidra in the bar which also doubles up as a midnight bingo hall! We discovered this when we wandered down to the bar late on the last night and watched as the bar filled up with people drinking black coffee. It seemed a bit odd but we sat outside and watched a several games of bingo went on until the early hours. They were happy enough to go on selling us sidra as long as we didn't interupt the serious business in hand.
The Beach at Banugues.
Everywhere we looked in this part of Asturias there were apple trees and orchards but sadly we were too rushed to take photos of them. Next time.