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Addlestones is a brand of industrial cider owned by Gaymer Cider Company Limited and is a subsidiary of C&C Group Plc.


It is a cask conditioned cider, made from apple concentrate, and therefore not a Real Cider by ukcider definitions. Certainly better than most factory produced keg ciders such as Strongbow and other Industrial cider but not in the same league as a freshly pressed, full juice, craft cider. It is commercially produced by Gaymers Cider Company who also make drinks such as Babycham, Blackthorn and Diamond White!

Their website says it is a "bright, golden, naturally cloudy cider with rich, bittersweet apple fruit flavours and a smooth, rounded finish. Addlestones is made using a unique recipe of locally sourced genuine bittersweet cider apples from Somerset and a double fermentation process which creates the Addlestones full-bodied taste. The unique Addlestones cloudiness is caused by the fact that Addlestones is fermented twice, and not filtered at any stage of the process - resulting in the presence of 'live' yeast and natural apple residue in the liquid. Addlestones is a genuine 'live' cider, constantly evolving, developing and shifting."

Known retailers

  • Apsley House, Southsea, Hampshire
  • The Thatch, Croyde, Devon
  • The Mall, Clifton, Bristol
  • Take 5, Norwich
  • The Trafford Arms, Norwich
  • Mill Arms, Dundridge, Hampshire
  • Brushmakers Arms, Upham, Hampshire
  • Sixty Million Postcards, Bournemouth, Dorset
  • The Adam and Eve, Hotwells, Bristol
  • The Forresters Arms, Wheelock, Cheshire
  • The Black Bear, Sandbach, Cheshire
  • The Southsider, Edinburgh
  • Bennets Bar, (Morningside) Edinburgh
  • The Kenilworth, Edinburgh
  • The Moorings, Aberdeen
  • Kellys Dispensary, Liverpool
  • Ship, Southwick, Sussex
  • The Mitre Inn, Barnet
  • The Engine Inn, Cark-in-Cartmel, Cumbria
  • Ericht Ale House, Blairgowrie
  • Mama Liz's, Stamford, Lincs
  • PAVE, Princes Avenue, Hull